Will I be able to manage the work?

Every year when we meet new students we hear from somebody that they're really worried about how hard the class work will be and whether or not they will be able to keep up.

Don't worry! It's our job to make sure that the work you do isn't so easy that you get really bored, and isn't so difficult that you get overwhelmed and can't cope, and it's a job that we're very good at!

We know that people like to learn in different ways and at different speeds, and so we'll always try to give you work in class that best suits the way that you learn most effectively. In some subjects we'll group together students with similar learning styles to give everyone the best chance of learning well.

You should find that you'll be very comfortable with the work that you're given to do, but if you do find yourself struggling, or you find the work a bit too easy, it's important to tell someone and we'll try and make some changes for you, or help you with some learning support.

How will I know when my lessons are?

At St. Julie's the day is split into seven different slots, called periods. One of those periods is when you have your lunch, so you have six taught lessons every day. To help you to organise your day we'll give you a table which lists when all of your lessons are, who your teacher is, and which room you need to go to. This table is called a timetable, and you can see what one looks like by clicking this link.

Will I get homework?

You certainly will! Homework is really important for making the new things that you have learned in lessons stick properly in your head so you remember them. Homework has a timetable too to help you and your teachers organise your home learning. You can see examples of homework timetables here.