Dining Room Menus

At St Julie’s, we understand that having a nutritious diet is critical to development in children, and that keeping a healthy balance is a key component to helping our students learn and grow. It's because of this that our catering team have created and prepared a menu that is rich in vegetables and protein, as well as offering healthy snacks like fruit and cheese. 

We like to encourage our students to try new exciting meals that celebrate different countries and cultures and like to replicate a healthy alternative to foods that our students love, like Argentinian peri peri, Chinese style sweet and sour, and Cypriot Salad pitta breads.  

We take special care when preparing your child's food; everything is prepared freshly on site and every member of the catering team works at a 5-star hygiene rating, and all with accredited training in food hygiene and food safety, and because of this we have extensive knowledge on Allergens and dietary requirements. We strive to accommodate all dietary needs and will always be happy to talk to the children about their concerns when it comes to food.  

We work towards the ‘government standard for school meals specification’ and provide meals that meet the Government regulations. This ensures we follow the up to date and correct guidelines for adolescents. 

We encourage our students to eat varied food and as part of this, we offer a vegetarian alternative daily. We also offer popular food items daily so there is always a consistent meal choice. We offer grab and go options daily like baguettes, salads and pasta pots, as well as fresh hot paninis and hot serve.

A selection of typical menus can be found here with the daily menu subject to change. Advice about allergens is displayed around the dining areas, and a copy of the information poster can be found here.