Award: A Level

QAN: 601/4868/8

We live in a volatile, dynamic and interconnected world. Business is at the centre of this global environment. The study of Business helps us to develop an awareness of the world around us.

The world of business is constantly in the news, consistently changing and continuously posing new opportunities and threats to millions of people across the world. Most of the working population are employed by businesses and therefore regardless of your career aspirations this subject IS relevant to it. Employers are always looking for business minded young people.

Studying Business can help individuals on a variety of career paths, including marketing, human resources, and management in a vast range of different industries, including hospitality, banking, retail management, engineering and fashion. For those wishing to progress to higher education, business is one of the most popular degree programmes, not only in the UK, but across the world. Business is one of the top three subjects likely to create a billionaire.