English Literature

Award: A Level

QAN: 601/5328/3

If you enjoy reading books, plays and poetry, talking about them and writing about them – then A Level English Literature may be for you. The course is very different to your experiences of GCSE as you are required to read a broad range of literary texts independently. Texts are not just read; they are analysed, critiqued and discussed: we welcome students willing to engage in meaningful debate.

We follow the AQA Specification B course, which is focused on Aspects of Tragedy and Aspects of Political and Social Protest Writing. You will study a Shakespeare play (currently Othello), selected works of poet John Keats and a modern play, currently Miller’s Death of a Salesman and a classic 20th century novel, The Kite Runner. We also study Ibsen’s The Doll’s House and the poetry of William Blake. All of these texts will give you an excellent foundation for further literary study at undergraduate level.