Our Courses

The option block structure below shows how the courses fit together to form the curriculum. Most students will study 3 A Level or Level 3 BTEC courses. You can choose one course from each of blocks A, B, C or D and you do not have to choose a course from every block. Block E is comprised of other core elements of students' programme study - Christian Action and Core RE are compulsory for all students and GCSE English and Maths for those who did not get Grade 4 or above in Year 11. This structure is provisional, and all course provision is subject to demand and not guaranteed to run.

Core Religious Education

For those students not studying A Level Religious Studies, there is an Archdiocesan requirement for the provision of ‘Core RE’.

Students following Core RE in Year 12 will plan and deliver a charity event to Year 7 and will create a portfolio of evidence to be assessed. In Year 13 students will study 3 options from the units offered including: Religion and Experience, Religion and World faiths, Religion and Ethics and ‘God in the Now’.
All Year 12 and 13 students are timetabled for one Core Religious Education lesson per week. There is no formal coursework or examination, and successful completion of the course is based on internal assessment of work. Lesson attendance is compulsory and essential in order for sufficient work to be completed to allow students to pass the course.

The content of the course has been specifically designed to be of maximum interest and relevance to our students.