AS and A Level Further Mathematics

What is Further Mathematics?

Further Mathematics is an AS/A level qualification designed to deepen and broaden the maths studied in AS/A level Mathematics. It may be studied alongside or after taking AS/A level Mathematics. Although some of the content is prescribed by the government, the rest varies between specifications. This flexibility allows schools and colleges to offer a course that supports their students’ future study and career aspirations.

What is studied in AS/A level Further Mathematics?

50% of its content is a prescribed pure maths core. For the remaining 50% of the content, different options are available. These options may include mechanics, statistics, discrete/decision maths and additional pure maths.

Who is Further Mathematics for?

Students who achieve a grade 6 or higher in GCSE Mathematics should consider taking AS or A level Further Mathematics (in addition to A level Mathematics). A level Further Mathematics is particularly beneficial for students who are considering taking a mathematically demanding degree or apprenticeship programme. Many leading universities ask for A level Further Mathematics in their entry requirements for maths degrees. Some give preference to applicants who have taken AS/A level Further Mathematics, which may extend to applications for degrees other than maths.