Why Are We Called 'St. Julie's'?

Our school is named after an amazing woman called Saint Julie Billiart. She was born in France in 1751, which really wasn't that long ago compared to lots of other Saints.

Saint Julie founded the Institute of the Sisters of Notre Dame, which is a Religious Order dedicated to providing education around the world. By joining a Notre Dame school you are becoming part of an almost unbelievably large global community. The Sisters of Notre Dame have schools full of students, just like you, in 15 countries spread across five continents.

You can read about St. Julie's inspiring life in this graphic book (it's quite big so might take a minute or two to load) and you can learn more about the Notre Dame family at the official website.

Don't worry though - it's not homework! You'll learn much more about St. Julie and the work of the Sisters of Notre Dame in your lessons when you join us.