Congratulations on taking the first steps in choosing St Julie’s Catholic Sixth Form College to support you in your studies over the next two years.

It’s a difficult choice to make when you’ve got lots of options to consider and you’re still under pressure to succeed in your GCSEs, so I hope that this prospectus will demonstrate that St. Julie’s Sixth Form College can provide you with the right courses, and support, to be the successful person you aspire to be.

Our ultimate aim is to prepare you for life beyond school, whether your destination is further education, training or employment – and in doing so we focus not only on your academic progress but also on your ability and desire to make a positive contribution to society. St Julie was very much ahead of her time when she said, over two hundred years ago: "Education is a twofold process of psychological development and integration into society. Teach them everything that is necessary to equip them for life"

We recognise that this is a crucial and demanding period in the life of any young person and so we take very seriously our responsibility to provide you with the very best care, guidance and support. It is vital also to remember that all of us – staff, students and parents/carers – must work in partnership, with effective communication and mutual respect at the heart of our relationships.

We pride ourselves not only on our high academic standards but also on our commitment to contributing to the development of young people who are, as the words of St Julie remind us, ‘equipped with everything they need for life’.

We look forward to working together with you over the next two years to offer invaluable opportunities for personal growth and academic development.

Outcomes for Students

Over the last four years our ‘Value Added’ scores – the key measure used by the Department for Education in raking post-16 provision - demonstrates that students in Year 13 made progress that was at least in line with and in most cases above that of their peers in other schools and colleges nationally. Many courses and qualifications have been ranked in the top 25% or top 10% nationally.

Finally, destinations for students remains a stand-out feature of our many successes, with university acceptance rates consistently above local or national standards – with the proportion of students progressing straight into education, employment or training significantly above local and national standards also.