Award: A Level

QAN: 601/3997/3

Who taught you to say please and thank you? Why are your friends important? How could social media sites like Snapchat be both beneficial and harmful? Why has homelessness in Liverpool increased?

As a member of a society, you are shaped by it every day. Society forms your personal identity, pushes you to go along with the crowd, and challenges you to rebel from it. This is the study of Sociology. In this course, you will investigate how your family, friends, school, religion, and the media shape what you value and believe.

This course will require that you strengthen your critical thinking, debate, research and writing skills. You will use these skills to examine your identity and argue the larger issues in our world. These include crime, poverty, revolution, and the fact that a McDonalds can be found in almost every country.

Welcome to the study of your connection to the world.