Core Mathematics

Award: Level 3 Certificate

QAN: 601/4945/0

‘Core Maths’ is a term that refers to a type of level 3 maths qualification for students in post-16 education that can be aken alongside A levels or other qualifications, including vocational courses. It has been developed with support from employers and higher education, and is designed to consolidate and build on mathematical understanding; foster the ability to think mathematically and apply athematical techniques in unfamiliar situations with confidence; support students’ learning in other subject areas they are studying and prepare students for the range of real-life mathematical demands of further study and employment.

Core Maths is for students who have passed GCSE athematics at grade 4 or above but who have not chosen to study AS or A level Mathematics. Around 250,000 students each year who pass GCSE Mathematics do not study maths at a higher level. Core Maths is designed for these students. It supports mathematical aspects of academic and vocational study programmes,and can help apprentices who have achieved GCSE Mathematics at grade 4 or above to further develop their mathematical competence and confidence.