Welcome to Your New School!

Thanks for choosing St. Julie's as your Secondary School. We're very excited about welcoming you as part of our school community.

The months leading up to September will give you lots of time to get ready for your new school, but the most important thing for you to know right now is that there's nothing for you to worry about!

We're using this section of our website to introduce you to some of the things that are different in secondary school, but we'll be telling you all of this again when you come into school to see us. Look at the menu on the left of the screen for some of the information we have available.

Life at St. Julie's is about learning, developing new knowledge and skills, growing as a person and having a huge amount of fun! Our school motto is "Teach them what is necessary for life" and that means we want to help you to learn everything you need to know to have a successful future.

We're looking forward to meeting you soon!