1804 Society


The prestigious 1804 Society is integral to the daily life at St Julie’s because these students genuinely shape the future of the school and leave a lasting legacy. The 1804 Society gets its title from the year in which the Sisters of Notre Dame were founded.  As such, the 1804 Society is a link in a chain to those who have gone before. Members are called upon to embrace what it is to have a Notre Dame education and to pass on the baton of the Spirit of St. Julie to those who follow.

The 1804 Society is to be a living embodiment of the school motto which calls on all of our community to “Serve the good God well with much liberty of spirit.”  As well as this general expectation, there are specific ways in which members can serve the community through a variety of leadership roles. A new 1804 Society is elected each year by nominations from staff and students and members are expected to be role models in all strands of the school Mission Statement.