Rewards Information


The main and regular method of rewarding pupils and recognising their efforts and achievements is through the issuing of Merits and Commendations 

To ensure a consistent approach by all staff, merits and commendations will only be awarded for the following: 

Merits (worth 1 achievement point)  

Commendations (worth 3 achievement points)  

Good Conduct (worth 0 achievement points)  

Merit Cup Assemblies

These take place termly and recognise both individual achievement and the collective achievement of Form Groups. Individuals receive small prizes and the winning Form are invited to a special Merit Cup breakfast.

A range of measures are used when determining awards at Merit Cup including:

Progress Leaders will sometimes give out additional, bespoke awards (such as a ‘Warm Heart’ award to pupils who demonstrated exceptional kindness).

Postcards of praise/Certificates of Achievement/Stars of the Week

These are awarded regularly by Curriculum Areas and Progress Leaders and can also be awarded on a half-termly basis by the Headteacher for exceptional achievement

Annual Awards Evening

Once per academic year, the school holds an Awards Evening.

This recognises academic excellence at GCSE and A Level but also celebrates those pupils who have best lived-out the schools Mission Statement and Our Notre Dame Values – culminating in the Spirt of St Julie Award. Award winner usually receive a gift voucher and, for some awards, a commemorative shield.