Award: A Level

QAN: 603/1223/3

There has never been a more important time at which to understand the political landscape of our country and its position in the world – study Politics A Level at St. Julie’s to gain an insight into how our country is being run, and to form an educated view on how it should be run.

Studying Politics here exposes students to a critical analysis of UK politics and government, gaining understanding of the different ideologies of UK political parties, as well as the politics of the USA or a focus on sovereignty, global governance and human rights on a global scale.

Additionally, we also take students to learn outside the classroom, with current Sixth Formers visiting the Houses of Parliament in January as well as a student conference more locally. Students can also access other Humanities trips, with the next one being Iceland in October 2020.
If you want to make a difference in your lifetime – get involved in creating change to the political landscape of our city and country!