Award: A Level

QAN: 601/4677/1

Understanding the past is critically important in shaping a successful future – you need History at St. Julie’s in your life!

If we don’t study and understand what has happened in the past, then we are destined to repeat mistakes. Studying History here will equip you to lead yourselves and our country into a successful future and avoid those previous pitfalls.

At St. Julie’s the History topics should ignite a passion for learning in you and equip you with essential skills for whatever you do in the future. We study Germany and West Germany from 1918-1989; the rise and fall of fascism in Italy c1911-1946; Britain – Poverty and Public Health; and independent coursework themed around The Holocaust.

Additionally, we aim to take you outside of school to learn as well – from local university masterclasses, to a planned trip to Poland and Auscwitz in the next 18 months.
Make the right choice – study History!