School Uniform Suppliers

School Uniform for St. Julie's can be obtained from the following suppliers:

Laser Schoolwear
46 St Mary's Road
L19 2JD
0151 494 9455

298 St. Mary's Road
L19 0NQ
0151 345 3797

West Derby School Wear
239-241 Eaton Road
West Derby
L12 2AG
0151 228 7896

Kitted Out Schoolwear
Head Office
114 Allerton Road
Liverpool. L18 2DG

Uniform requirements from agreed stockist:

Blazer French Navy with St. Julie's badge, either woollen or nylon
Kilt in Holyrood Tartan

Students who prefer to wear trousers may wear the specific product approved by Govenors - Trutex graphite grey senior girls' contemporary trousers which are available from Kitted Out Schoolwear, whose details are listed above. Other types of trousers will not be acceptable as correct school uniform.

All pupils must wear blouses in their year colours:
Year 7: White
Year 8: Blue
Year 9: Green
Year 10: Lilac
Year 11: Gold

Jumper French Navy - ‘V'-necked
School Scarf navy with school badge
St. Julie's school bag - Eco messenger bag (Black) or Quadra bag (Navy)

Also required [not available from agreed stockist] :

Outdoor coat Navy
School socks/tights Navy
School Shoes. Shoes must be flat soled, black, leather and polishable with a closed toe.

Expressive Arts: Also required [not available from agreed stockist] :

Dance: Key Stage 3: Years 7, 8
• PE Kit

Dance: Key Stage 4 and 5: Years 9-13
• Black leotard
• Black leggings (Part of PE kit)

Drama Key Stage 4 and 5 (Year 9 to 13):
• PE Kit

Physical Education:

All items of PE Kit must be clearly marked with your full name. The Kit includes the compulsory items below and are only available from Fitwell.

• Aptus full zip over top Black/White with school badge
• Aptus female training top Black/White with school badge
• Trutex leggings Black
• Bowden shorts Black
• Socks Black

Also required [not available at school]

• Laced training shoes - predominately white, navy or black

Learning Equipment Essential Items [not available at school]

• Pencil case
• Pens - blue or black ink only
• Pencils
• Coloured pencils
• Pencil Sharpener
• A rubber
• A 30cm ruler
• Scientific Calculator (which can be purchased from the Maths department for approx £4)
• English Pocket Dictionary
• From Year 8 - French or Spanish Dictionary
• D&T Craft Apron
• Compass
• Pen Drive