Health & Social Care

Award: BTEC Level 3 National Extended Certificate in Health and Social Care

QAN: 601/7917/2

The Health and Social Care sector is a major employer, employing almost 4 million people across the country. Our course aims to introduce you with key concepts and a body of knowledge that will provide you with an invaluable and thoughtful perspective on contemporary issues in health and social care. It complements other A level studies and equips students with skills needed for higher education and the world of work. It reflects job opportunities including health, social work, education and community justice sectors and allows you to develop research skills and experience problem-solving in a work-related context.

In year 12 you will study ‘Unit 1- Human Lifespan and development’ and ‘Unit 5 – Meeting Individual Care needs’.

In Year 13 you will study ‘Unit 2 – Working in Health and Social Care’ and ‘Unit 14 – Understanding physiological disorders and their care’.

Units 1 and 2 are external examinations and units 5 and 14 are internal assessments set by Pearson.