Religious Studies

Award: A Level

QAN: 601/8830/3

•  Is there a God – or is all talk about God nonsense?
•  If there is a God, why does he allow evil and suffering?
•  Is there life after death?
•  Can miracles happen?
•  What is the difference between right and wrong?
•  Are we responsible for our actions?
•  Has science disproved religion?
•  Is religion still relevant in modern society?
•  Is Christianity sexist?

If you are interested in discussing and debating questions such as these, then A Level Religious Studies is the course for you! A Level Religious Studies provides students with the opportunity to develop analytical skills, independent learning, good verbal and communication skills and problem solving – which means that it is viewed favourably by University Admissions Tutors.

It is highly valued in the following professions in particular: Law; Nursing; Medicine; Psychology; Teaching and Business.