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Tears and Laughter as Curtain Rises for Year 10

Jun 17, 2024

Tears and Laughter as Curtain Rises for Year 10

This week audiences gathered for two evenings of Y10 GCSE Devised performances that showcased students creativity, script writing and acting.

The first evening brought two performances that are submitted as exam coursework for the GCSE Drama award, and so the pressure was on for the students to deliver polished and convincing performances that drew a terrific audience response - one of the marking criteria.

Our talented performers did not disappoint. The first performance brought a tense and gripping drama based on the 2008 case of missing schoolgirl Shannon Matthews that held the audience on the edge of their seats. 

The second group to perform flipped the mood completely as gravity turned to levity and the audience followed a madcap tale of a group of girls jetting off on their first holiday to Malaga. The rapid fire script drew plenty of laughs and left the audience wanting more.

After a hugely impressive first night the bar was set very high for our next two groups performing on Tuesday and they rose to it splendidly.

The first performance of the second evening tackled the complicated and often troubling relationship that young people have with social media, and how that particular lens can offer distorted presentations of reality. The students delivered a thought provoking performance around a very sensitive topic and raised awareness of the people in the real world who can help if you find yourself in a difficult or compromising situation.

The second performance brought a change in pace as students performed a snappy piece shining a light on the murky world of 'county lines'. The story exposed the ways in which teenagers can find themselves being coerced and controlled by manipulative gang members to transport illegal drugs. In this piece students made particularly effective use of multirole, showcasing to the audience their ability to play multiple parts through an extensive range of performance skills. 

Congratulations to all of the performers for their wonderful work, to the Performing Arts team who have worked so hard in preparation and finally to our two wonderful audiences for supporting the event so generously.