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Safety Message for Swifties

Jun 12, 2024

Safety Message for Swifties

With Liverpool being transformed into “Taylor Town” - School Improvement Liverpool would like to highlight some key safety messages for children, young people and families attending either the concerts or one of the many organised events across the city:

Liverpool FC have put together a series of FAQs and we’d encourage those attending to familiarise themselves with these ahead of time.

We understand that attending a live music concert is a special moment, so we’re sharing some additional considerations to help create a positive and safe experience for our younger attendees.

Taylor Swift will perform at Anfield Stadium on Thursday 13th, Friday 14th and Saturday 15th June 2024.

Staying safe at the concerts

Children under 16 years of age must be accompanied by a responsible adult of 18 years or over.

Children under 14 are not permitted in the standing area, and young people may be asked to prove their age with ID

Accompanying adults (and young people too) should familiarise themselves with the layout of the stadium – including the entrances, exits, meeting points, first aid stations, and welfare points.

Agree on a meeting point in case you get separated.

Children and young people should carry contact information and remind them they can ask for help from event staff, security or police if they feel unsafe.

Educate children and young people about the importance of staying aware and staying with their group.

Advise young people not to carry large amounts of cash or expensive items that could get lost or stolen.

Encourage regular hydration – which is especially important in crowded and hot environments.

As concerts can also be loud and overwhelming, earplugs may be a suitable option.

Taylor Town events across the city

A full list of organised events can be found here

The previous advice on “staying safe” also applies if attending any other events and it is particularly important that parents and carers take time to remind children and young people of who they can ask for help should they become separated from their group or feel unsafe.

Children and young people should carry relevant emergency contact information with them.

There are no organised events in or around Stanley Park and travel to this area is strongly discouraged.

Roads and travel to the concert

From Thursday to Saturday, Walton Breck Road will be closed from 12pm to 12am, while Anfield Road will be closed to through traffic due to Liverpool Football Club's Anfield Road stadium expansion.

There will be no public parking available at Anfield Stadium and parking enforcement will be in operation.

There will be long wait times for any vehicles using the Utting Avenue drop off and pick up service.

For more information on getting to Anfield Stadium by public transport, visit: