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Year 7 Inter Form Netball Competition

May 14, 2024

Year 7 Inter Form Netball Competition

On Monday morning students in Year 7 had their first interform competition and it was a huge success! 

All students displayed excellent sportsmanship and enthusiasm throughout the morning and enjoyed their day. Well done to all students involved with the competition, with an extra special thank you to our two  Year 9 Sports Leaders who umpired the games over the morning displaying fantastic leadership and communication skills. 

Each band played against each other in a mini league with some fantastic matches. Results are below:

P Band - N, T, R
Game 1 - N v T - Nugent won 2-0
Game 2 - N v R - Nugent won 3-0
Game 3 - R v T - Therese won 0-8

P Band League positions:
1st Nugent
2nd Therese
3rd Rigby

Q Band - D, A, M
Game 1 - D v A - Arrowsmith won 0-7
Game 2 - D v M - Maria won 1-3
Game 3 - A v M - Arrowsmith won 5-0

Q Band League positions:
1st Arrowsmith
2nd Maria
3rd Dorothy

1st place positions played each other for 1st & 2nd position overall
2nd placed positions played each other for 3rd & 4th position overall
3rd placed positions played each other for 5th & 6th position overall

5th/6th position game - R v D - Dorothy won 3-1
3rd/4th position game - M v T - Therese won 2-0
1st/2nd position game - A v N - Game ended 2-2 and went to a netball shootout.

3 students from each form came up to take a shot at the hoop.

Arrowsmith - Scored, Missed, Scored
Nugent - Scored, Scored, Scored

Overall results:

1st - Nugent
2nd - Arrowsmith
3rd - Therese
4th - Maria
5th - Dorothy
6th - Rigby

Players Involved:


Lexi, Ella, Heidi, Paige, Isla, Megan, Maya, Caitlin 


Emily, Indiana, Luella, Amelia, Maisie, Erin, Ava, Lily 


Freya, Heidi, Imogen, Jasmine, Maisie, Alana, Rosa 


Alissa, Sophie, Ella, Olivia, Olivia, Maisie, Layla, Abigail


Lily, Mollie, Bonnie, Penny, Alice, Ava, Jess, Yvie 


Heidi, Ava, Leah, Eva, Sienna, Freya, Jasmine, Stevie 

Y9 Sports Leaders:

Olivia and Ava.