Feeder Primary Schools

Children's Mental Health Week

Feb 9, 2024

Children's Mental Health Week

This week has celebrated Children's Mental Health week - The theme is 'My Voice Matters' 

"A child’s voice, however honest and true, is meaningless to those who’ve forgotten how to listen." - Professor Dumbledore 

This week in school there has been a range of activities to mark the week. 

  • Change over bells were replaced with music inspired about speaking up and Positive affirmations.
  • This week year 9 and 10 had guest speakers in to talk to students around body confidence and healthy relationships 
  • The wellbeing ambassadors met with the  leadership team to provide feedback on wellbeing support in school 
  •  NOW fest - Well done to performing arts students for their winning performance based on the theme of 'overcoming ACEs' 
  • Our domestic violence advocate has written to our local MP asking to keep funding well needed mental health services 
  • The launch of our new Wellbeing website at St Julies - This website is dedicated to wellbeing support and will be updated with links to support, resources and useful information. Go take a look! 

This week is to raise awareness but let's keep the conversation going!