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National Gardening Week

May 7, 2022

National Gardening Week

As it has been national gardening week,  we would like to update you on the Feel-Good Gardening club which happens Friday lunch for KS3. Since starting students have been working hard on the school garden. This year we have included sweet peas, wildflowers, sunflowers and some herbs. 

The theme of National Gardening week is ‘sharing the joy of gardening’ so we asked students 'why gardening make you happy?'

‘I love the outdoors and love flowers and watching them grow’ - Grace 

‘It makes my day better’ - Sama -

‘Helps me make friends and connect with people and nature. Forget what's on in the real world’ - Orla

‘It helps me meet new friends and makes me happy’ - Charlotte 

‘It’s Fun’ - Samah 

‘It makes me feel accomplished and proud’ - Freya 

‘It makes me relaxed’ - Iris, Lola and Lucy

‘It’s fun, creative and calming’ - Olivia 

‘It helps the environment 

It’s fun and relaxing’ - Bobby-J

‘It is calming as you spend time in nature’ - Oliwia