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Year 10 Peer Mentors become the MVPs

Nov 15, 2021

Year 10 Peer Mentors become the MVPs

Our Year 10 peer mentors have undergone special training as part of the ‘Mentor in Violence Prevention’ programme devised and delivered by the Merseyside Youth Association.

By supporting schools to have a ‘whole school’ approach to early intervention and prevention of bullying, harassment and risky behaviours, the programme empowers pupils to identify and communicate concerns with peers and school staff alike.

The programme is based on five core components:

  • Exploring violence through a gendered lens;
  • Developing leadership;
  • Adopting a bystander approach;
  • Recognising the scope of violent behaviour; and
  • Challenge victim-blaming.

This week’s sessions have been led by Francesca Loguellou from MYA, and we’d like to thank our students for the very positive way they have engaged with the training, which equips them with the language and framework to challenge violence, bullying and other forms of abuse, while building resilience and promoting positive mental health.