Rachel Phillips

Humanities Students Raise The Bar

Jan 22, 2021

Humanities Students Raise The Bar

Humanities work has been flying in, virtually!

Pupils are really engaging in their learning across KS3, 4 and 5 and this shows the dedication of our pupils to their learning. The quality and quantity of the work has been phenomenal.

Year 9 Geographers have been completing work on the VLE but also on Seneca Learning, a fantastic online platform available for most subjects and specifications to help pupils recall, retrieve and assess their knowledge. The average score for our pupils so far in their assignment has been 84%, with many achieving full marks!

Also, great effort from Imogen in Year 11, Noor and Larissa in Year 10, Annabel, Stephanie and Scarlett in Year 9, Lauren and Lexie in Year 8 and Leila, Wenxi, Tegan, Jessica and Abi in Year 7.  Well done everyone for your hard work, some of which we can see below.