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Awards? They're in the post!

Jun 18, 2020

Awards?  They're in the post!

The Wednesday after lockdown was going to be our Annual Awards Evening but all our plans for a momentous evening were scuppered!   However, this week, certificates, letters from our Headteacher and vouchers have been dropping through the letter boxes of award winners.

The winners of the prestigious Notre Dame Awards – also received shields and there are a few here for you to see! They are sure to take pride of place on mantelpieces, shelves and walls around the city.

Our Notre Dame Awards include:

The Spirit of Francoise, Sunflower, Angel of Peace, Treasure of the Community, Serving the good God, Simplicity of Spirit, Courageous Soul and Heart as Wide as the World with the highest accolade being the Spirit of St. Julie Award.

We look forward to touching base with all award winners before too long.