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Geography In The News: Fashion

May 19, 2020

Geography In The News: Fashion

Covid-19 will reshape many aspect of geography study, and this week students have been looking at the impact of the globalised fashion industry.

One of the areas that pupils study in Geography is globalisation - the ways in which ideas, goods, services and people are connected and moved around the world. 

One of the examples we use to illustrate this is that of the fashion industry - how clothes we buy have links to places around the world. 

Sadly, at the moment, many people employed in the production chain (clothes are often made in countries in SE Asia) are out of work, and some large fashion companies have not paid the factories for clothing orders placed before the pandemic struck, leaving stock going to waste and employees living on the brink of poverty, as described in this BBC article

We have provided lesson resources on the Geography VLE this week for all of our Geography pupils to use to understand this situation more. If you want to directly support the workers yourself then the CEO featured in the article has fulfilled his promise, and while we're not endorsing the firm, you can find it here.