Information for Parents

Maths Live Lesson for Year 10

May 11, 2020

Dear Parent/Carer,

Pearson are running a series of free, live lessons for Y10 ran by their specialist team. The first live session will take place tomorrow at 11am. Please review the lesson content below and encourage your daughter to take part if appropriate.

TITLE: Areas and Perimeters of simple and compound shapes Ever wanted to organise a big sporting or music event. Well here’s your chance. We’ll be exploring how Areas and Perimeters of simple and compound shapes will help you to plan the stage or Ring. Students should be able to: - Convert between units of measure within one system, including time and metric units to metric units of length, area · Find the perimeter of · rectangles · parallelograms and trapezia; · compound shapes; · Recall and use the formulae for the area of a rectangle; · Find the area of a trapezium and recall the formula; · Find the area of a parallelogram; · Calculate areas and perimeters of compound shapes made from rectangles;

This will be live at 11am tomorrow: via this link 


Mrs Gee