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Ashes to Go

Feb 26, 2020

Ashes to Go

It was Ash Wednesday at St. Julie's and the first day of Lent was marked with an opportunity to receive ashes made from palm branches burnt from last year's Palm Sunday celebrations.  

A two minute video (below) was shown to forms in Sacred Time setting the scene and inviting people out to the Peace Garden at break to receive ashes.   

With the blustery, rainy weather it was touch and go whether this was going to happen but there was a 15 minute opening in the clouds which coincided with break and over two hundred students and staff braved the cold to receive ashes as a public sign of their willingness to turn away from sin.  They also received a card reminding them that when they wiped the ashes off, that was a sign of washing away the stuff which stops each individual being the best they can be.

By participating in this, we continued a tradition which started around 600 a.d. when the Pope was Gregory the Great who, rather appropriately, is the patron saint of students and teachers!

Thanks to all who came to the Peace Garden on this special day!