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Year 8 Pupils Mark Black History Month

Oct 24, 2019

Year 8 Pupils Mark Black History Month

This week Year 8 pupils studying History have been given the opportunity to visit the International Slavery Museum to learn more about the Slave Trade, Liverpool's role in it, and how the abolition of the Slave Trade led to progress over time in the Civil Rights Movement. 

The pupils have been struck by many of the horrific elements of these parts of History, bringing the reality of how humans can impart such suffering on each other home to the pupils.

The timing of these visits falling during Black History Month has been capitalised on, highlighting to pupils the importance of working together to create a future that treats everybody with equal dignity and respect.  

By seeing the realities of the mistreatment of people in the past, we want pupils to be inspired to fight against modern day slavery and people trafficking in their lifetime. Understanding our History is the key for our pupils to make a more positive future for our world.