Supplementary Form

Thanks for using this electronic submission. Please be aware that it requires two attachments to show evidence of the address of the young person applying for a place at St. Julie's and also evidence of faith. These attachments can be photographs or scans of the relevant paperwork (details below). Without these attachments you will not be able to submit this form.


Child's Surname*
Child's Forename*
Child's Date of Birth*
Child's Address 1*
Child's Address 2
Child's Post Town
Child's Postcode*
Please attach evidence of child's address e.g. Child Benefit document.*
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Present Primary School
Is your child baptised Roman Catholic?*
If your child is not a baptised Catholic, please state to which denonination or faith, if any, your child belongs.
Please attach evidence of faith. This should be a baptismal certificate or letter from a faith leader for other faith denominations.*
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Does your child have a sibling who will be a student at St. Julie's in September 2017*
If you have responded 'yes' to the question above, please give the name and date of birth of the sibling(s)
First Parent/Guardian Surname*
First Parent/Guardian Forename:*
First Parent/Guardian Address (If different from child)
First Parent/Guardian Postcode
First Parent/Guardian Daytime Telephone Number
First Parent/Guardian Home/Evening Telephone Number
First Parent/Guardian Mobile Telephone Number
First Parent/Guardian email Address
Second Parent/Guardian Surname:
Second Parent/Guardian Forename
Second Parent/Guardian Address (if different from child's address)
Second Parent/Guardian Postcode
Second Parent/Guardian Daytime Telephone Number
Second Parent/Guardian Home/Evening Telephone Number
Second Parent/Guardian Mobile Telephone Number
Second Parent/Guardian email Address
First Parent/Guardian's Relationship to Child (parent, guardian, etc)
Second Parent/Guardian Relationship to Child (parent, guardian, etc)
Please give your reasons for applying to St. Julie's Catholic High School (eg Medical, Social, Educational, Religious, Geographical, etc.)
Does your daughter have any medical/educational needs that need to be met by the school? If so, please give details.
Please tick to confirm that you have placed St. Julie's as a preference on the Common Application Form/Preference Form issued by your Home Education Authority*
Please give your email address to which your receipt of this submitted form will be sent*