Pupil Admissions 2017

Admissions for 2017

Admissions for 2017 are submitted electronically through the Liverpool City Council website

Additional information, including the St. Julie's Application Form, can be found using the links in the menu above.

In the interim, you might like to encourage your daughter to explore the ‘Welcome to your new school’ section of our website which will help her to feel ready to join us!

For reference with respect to 2015 admissions, the previous admissions arrangements can be found here.

What's been happening lately at St. Julie's:

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Disney Trip Underway!
Apr 10, 2017

After a 5am start, our Easter trip to Disneyland Paris is underway!

We'll bring you more updates from the trip as we go.

Grease Trip To Watch The Professionals
Apr 9, 2017

Students from 7 Elizabeth have spent Thursday evening dancing and singing along to Grease at the Liverpool Empire.

The trip was a celebration and reward for their outstanding performance of Grease, as well as an opportunity to study how the professionals stage a show. 

Year 7 Students Showcase Grease!
Apr 6, 2017

7 Elizabeth performed in their second showcase of 'Grease'. The girls were outstanding and the support from staff, pupils and their families was overwhelming!

We would like to thank, once again, all that attended the performance and we look forward to seeing you at the next one.

7 Elizabeth will be visiting the Empire this evening to see Grease - but will the professional production be as good? 

The Sweet Taste of Success!
Apr 5, 2017

Today we made our celebration of gaining the Reading Quality Mark at gold level all the sweeter by eating themed cupcakes!

There were enough for each student so that everyone could get involved in this excellent achievement.  We look forward to building on our success and making reading for pleasure at St. Julie's even more engaging.

Foundation Day Service 2017
Apr 5, 2017

Our school community gathered today at Hope University Chapel to celebrate Foundation Day, with a theme of 'people who move' to recognise our transition to a new building.

The service was simultaneously a retrospective of our heritage, a celebration of our present opportunities and a prayer for our future. In the presence of students, staff, governors past and present, representatives from Kier Construction and a very welcome delegation of Sisters of Notre Dame we visited the formative days of the Notre Dame Order, born in transition from Amiens to Namur.

We looked at how the Sisters moved around the world, and through each of the countries that they visited. We learned some more about Sister Maureen's work in Nigeria establishing a brand new school at which students will wear the same uniform that our students work. Finally we looked at the arrival of the Sisters in Liverpool and how they moved throughout the city before opening our school in Woolton.

Each section of the service saw the introduction of a covered tile being brought out before the audience and placed on a frame. The final movement we saw was the revelation as each of these were turned about face to reveal a representation of St. Julie in front of our brand new building.

Thank you to everybody who worked in preparation for the very joyful service that fills us with hope and confidence as we look forward to our move over the summer.

The Easter Passion
Apr 4, 2017

As we approach our final Easter within our current school buildings, the school community has explored the Easter story by honouring the centuries old Christian tradition of a Passion Play.

The piece was devised in a collaboration between Mr Anderson, Miss Douglas and the performing students and was performed five times during the day to allow students from all year groups to be involved.

In accordance with tradition, the outdoor play was very dynamic and moved all the way across the site, using props and staging to capture the gravity of the story as it happened two millienia ago, amongst a crowd of onlookers.

Each performance ended with a period of reflection that was respected by all the participants.

Thank you to the very large team involved in bringing the story to life for all of our students.

Geography Challenge Club
Apr 4, 2017

Selected pupils from Year 8 have just completed a 6 week 'Geography Challenge' programme with flying colours and today had a celebration of the excellent work they achieved.

Pupils were tasked with investigating and answering the question 'Analyse how you would solve the problem of rapid population growth; save or forfeit?', enabling them to investigate a range of issues surrounding population growth and start 'thinking like geographers'.

The winners of the Challenge were Lucy Hinton and Lydia Shea, but all pupils developed the ability to critically analyse information and present this to the group.

Well done to all of the pupils involved, and a special thank you to Mrs Bashford for organising it and Miss Jones for assisting.

Sponsored Silence for Claire House
Apr 3, 2017

Students in 7 Elizabeth completed a 'Sponsored Silence' on Thursday of last week to raise funds for Claire House.

The girls had to remain silent in all lessons and could only speak at break/lunch time. The pupils definitely learned the importance of body language and gestures (though they did have a question book...just in case). 

Miss Stephenson was extremely proud of all the pupils as they raised around £260.00 for Claire House. 

Year 7 Scholars Embrace The Tempest
Apr 3, 2017

Year 7 Scholars were treated to an RSC performance of the The Tempest via live internet broadcast.

St Julie's were selected again to be part of the live stream - a massive privilege for the students and school! The students were delighted to be part of the interactive performance. 

Students Tread Boards at the Epstein
Mar 31, 2017
Congratulations to Claire, Erin and Eve who have all performed this week at the Epstein Theatre in the production of Hairspray.