Pupil Admissions 2018

Admissions for 2018

Admissions for 2018 are submitted electronically through the Liverpool City Council website

Additional information, including the St. Julie's Application Form, can be found using the links in the menu above.

In the interim, you might like to encourage your daughter to explore the ‘Welcome to your new school’ section of our website which will help her to feel ready to join us!

For reference with respect to 2015 admissions, the previous admissions arrangements can be found here.

What's been happening lately at St. Julie's:

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Year 8 Celebrate Women's History Month
Mar 16, 2018

Year 8 celebrated Women's History Month in this week's assembly with a fantastic performance of 'Imagine' and with four inspirational year 8 students speaking about their female role models. The performance was also joined by Maisie McCole, Gemma Cushion and Bridie Nesbitt-Scott. 

Well done to the girls for all their hard in preparation for the assembly and continuing to inspire not only the year group, but the whole school community.

Cake Sales for Marie Curie
Mar 16, 2018

Our Sixth Form students, ably supported by Year 8, have been fundraising today for Marie Curie.

Breaktime was a hive of activity with a 'name the bear' stand and two different cake sale stalls to buy from!

Thanks to all of the students involved for their hard work, and we'll keep you updated on fundraising totals.

Weedkilling In The Lab!
Mar 16, 2018

In an update from our labs, Year 13 have been doing some practical work this week investigates the effects of ammonium hydroxide on photosynthesis.

Ammonium hydroxide is an important ingredient in weedkillers, so the students were exploring its effectiveness in inhibiting photosynthesis and thus killing weeds!

Welcome To Our Newest Students!
Mar 16, 2018

We had an exciting time this week when we got to meet our new Year 7 for September for the first time!

It is always a highlight of our school year to welcome our newest students together as a year group for the first time, giving them a chance to meet us and each other!

We took all of our new students up to the Chapel to learn some new songs with Mr Anderson, whilst parents went to the theatre to hear some important information that they need to know from Sr. Margaret and Mrs McCourt.

We ended the evening with a rousing performance of 'Qu'il Est Bon!' in the Chapel that was broadcast into the theatre on the big screen for parents to enjoy.

Thank you to all the parents and students who came along to make our evening special, and welcome to our school community!

CSE Awareness Day
Mar 15, 2018

The 18th March marks an awareness day for Child Exploitation and at St. Julie's we're doing our part.

Throughout this week we've been running a poster campaign in school to raise awareness and signpost students to information on sites like STOPCSE, as well as running banners on our website and large display screens. All students will be given a pocket card with information and will see a short presentation in Form or assembly time.

For further information you can look at the Department for Education's campaign website,  the excellent advice on the NSPCC website, or of course the 'safeguarding' section of our own website, which includes this helpful resource.

It's Pi Day!
Mar 14, 2018

Today we've been celebrating 'Pi Day' in the Maths department!

The annual celebration of the irrational constant started thirty years ago on 14th March, a date which is rendered in the US date format as 3/14 or 3.14.

We've embraced Pi today with some pi related dingbats of various difficulties. The easy ones are in the picture above. How well can you do with them?

Dancers Dazzle at MDI Showcase!
Mar 14, 2018

Congratulations to all of the dancers who dazzled at the Merseyside Dance Initiative's showcase event at Archbishop Beck!

The event drew together schools from across the Merseyside region to offer a full programme on a theme of 'A Night at the Movies'.

In keeping with the theme, Year 8 dancers performed a high energy number from Hairspray, whilst Year 12 performers staged a complex routine to 'All That Jazz' from 'Chicago, which you can see in the video below!

Warm Welcome for Christ the King Pupils
Mar 14, 2018

The Design and Technology department hosted Year 5 pupils from Christ the King Primary School on a visit to St. Julie's this week.

Pupils were given the opportunity to participate in a CAD/CAM activity that enabled them to manufacture an acrylic ruler that they were able to package using a card net that they designed.

Pupils used Techsoft 2D design software and the department laser cutter to manufacture their products and some pupils were able to extend their newly acquired skills to design and manufacture an additional product!

St. Julie's Shortlisted for Spirituality Award
Mar 12, 2018

We heard last week that St. Julie’s has been shortlisted in the Spirituality in our School category for the Archdiocese of Liverpool Schools Awards.   A representative from Teaching Personnel, who are supporting the awards, came in to present our nomination certificate.  The actual awards event is on Friday, 4th May so watch this space for further news.   

This shortlisting reflects the tremendous work done by our students and staff in keeping alive the distinctive Catholic ethos of the Sisters of Notre Dame and, of course, St. Julie. 

The video summary below captures just a little of what we do:

The Long And Winding Road
Mar 9, 2018

This week, we started our own version of the Via Dolorosa (the way of the cross) in our new and wonderful Notre Dame Chapel. 

The Stations of the Cross are being put on the walls one day at a time so that by the end of the Lent term, all 14 will be visible.  Each station is accompanied by a 3 minute video reflection which is playing on a loop throughout the day, offering all the chance to come in and reflect on the sacrifice of Jesus – journeying together to Calvary.

You can catch up with all the videos on the Chaplaincy website – by clicking on the Stations tab. Here's one as a taster!