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Year 10 Show Their Kindness

Jan 18, 2018

Year 10 Show Their Kindness

10 Rigby led an assembly to their year group this week on the very important topic of KINDNESS.

The girls discussed how kindness is a key ingredient in school life as it makes us feel good about ourselves, both as givers and receivers. As one of the Year 10 presenter's said: 'As minds and bodies grow, it’s abundantly clear that children require a healthy dose of the warm kindness to thrive as healthy, happy, well-rounded individuals'.

The girls presenting encouraged everyone in Year 10 to get involved, including the teachers, by setting up a KINDNESS CHALLENGE where everyone in Year 10 acknowledges an act of kindness that has been done to them by passing an act of kindness onto another - 'we are hoping for a boomerang effect' said one Year 10 student. 

The challenge has been accepted; let's see how we all do!