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Foundation Day Service 2017

Apr 5, 2017

Foundation Day Service 2017

Our school community gathered today at Hope University Chapel to celebrate Foundation Day, with a theme of 'people who move' to recognise our transition to a new building.

The service was simultaneously a retrospective of our heritage, a celebration of our present opportunities and a prayer for our future. In the presence of students, staff, governors past and present, representatives from Kier Construction and a very welcome delegation of Sisters of Notre Dame we visited the formative days of the Notre Dame Order, born in transition from Amiens to Namur.

We looked at how the Sisters moved around the world, and through each of the countries that they visited. We learned some more about Sister Maureen's work in Nigeria establishing a brand new school at which students will wear the same uniform that our students work. Finally we looked at the arrival of the Sisters in Liverpool and how they moved throughout the city before opening our school in Woolton.

Each section of the service saw the introduction of a covered tile being brought out before the audience and placed on a frame. The final movement we saw was the revelation as each of these were turned about face to reveal a representation of St. Julie in front of our brand new building.

Thank you to everybody who worked in preparation for the very joyful service that fills us with hope and confidence as we look forward to our move over the summer.