Pupil Admissions 2019

Admissions for 2019

Admissions for 2019 are submitted electronically through the Liverpool City Council website

Additional information, including the St. Julie's Application Form, can be found using the links in the menu above.

In the interim, you might like to encourage your daughter to explore the ‘Welcome to your new school’ section of our website which will help her to feel ready to join us!

For reference with respect to 2018 admissions, the previous admissions arrangements can be found here.

What's been happening lately at St. Julie's:

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Former Student Shares Nurse Training Experience
May 9, 2019
This week a group of aspiring nurses from Year 10 and Year 12 were treated to an exciting and informative visit from former St Julie’s student and trainee nurse Jemma Riley and LJMU admissions tutor Phil Rathe.

The students gained an invaluable insight to what training to be a nurse entails; learned more about the personal qualities, experience and qualifications required to be a nurse and how the recruitment process works.

We look forward to further opportunities with LJMU and to welcoming them back into school again for UCAS advice in the autumn term.

St. Julie&#039;s Students Become Cyber Champions!
May 8, 2019

Today 19 students from St. Julie's attended the training and launch event of Merseyside Police's Cyber Champions scheme.

The event was introduced and hosted by Assistant Chief Constable Ian Critchley and Detective Chief Inspector Helen Bennett, from Merseyside Police’s Digital Forensics Team. Training was delivered by Merseyside Police's Digital PCSO Megan Buckland who has previously worked with students in St. Julie's.

Students that have received the training will be supported by PCSOs and staff in school to deliver Internet and Cyber Safety training to students from years 7 to 11.

St. Julie's is proud to be one of the first group of 8 schools across Merseyside to take part in this exciting new programme.

Five of our girls also had their 15 minutes of fame as they proceeded to by interviewed about their experiences by BBC Radio Merseyside.

Click here for more information about Cyber Champions.

For internet safety tips, advice and guidance why not take a look at Merseyside Police's Digital PCSO's (@merpolDPCSO) Twitter feed.

Year 11 Geographers complete revision in the &#039;real world&#039;
May 8, 2019

On Tuesday 30th April, the Year 11 Geography pupils were taken on a tour of North Wales in order to complete a wide range of revision activities on different topics from the exams they have coming up at the end of May. 

The main focus of the trip was on revision of physical geography topics, as these are so much easier to understand if you are able to see them in real life and in action. 

We started by visiting an area of sedimentary limestone rock to start our revision of UK landscapes and geology.  We then moved onto river landscapes revision, with particular focus on the processes involved in making rivers function as they do.  Pupils were able to recreate their rivers fieldwork techniques to help revise what they did for the fieldwork, and to help pupils explain why they chose the methods of data collection that they did - the chance to get back in the river here was very tempting for some pupils! 

We continued the day by revising the ecosystem of a deciduous woodland area before moving up to the north coast of Wales and visiting Little Orme where pupils revised coastal landscapes and processes, as well as coastal management. 

Seeing where some homes were almost falling into the sea brought to life the issues people face with coastal recession - we don't think any of our pupils will be wanting to live overlooking the sea now!  An added extra to the day was the opportunity to see a family of seals in their natural environment down on the beach below Little Orme. 

It all made it a day pupils hopefully won't forget - good luck in the exams now Year 11!

Year 9 Student Releases Song
May 7, 2019

Our wonderful year 9 student, Grace, is set to release her own song this month.

Her original song, that she has composed, written lyrics for and recorded all by herself will be available on Spotify on the 20th May 2019.

The song is called 'Crystal' is based on positive well-being and looking after your mind. Grace will be performing it as part of our mental health performances, on Monday 13th May.

Well done Grace - what an achievement at such a young age!

Prayer Shorts Launches
May 7, 2019

A new feature has just been added to the Chaplaincy section of this website.    It's a link to Prayer Shorts - a collection of short video resources to support our collective worship.

Prayer Shorts contains End of Day prayers, prayer clips relating to our Mission Statement, short prayers for various occasions such as when you have a lot on your plate, some of our more regular Form Prayers and, for those who like a good sing, some Hymns and Lyrics.

We hope you enjoy dipping into this set of resources which can be found via the Chaplaincy tab on the school website or directly here.

Year 9 Geographers in action!
May 3, 2019

Last week Year 9 Geography pupils undertook their physical geography fieldwork in North Wales. 

We thankfully went before storm Hannah hit, and had a great day investigating how the cross-sectional area, velocity, discharge and bedload changes as the River Alyn progresses along its course through North Wales. 

The pupils were trained up on testing 3 key hypotheses in school before the trip, all linked to the theory presented in the Bradshaw Model.  Pupils worked well in groups using the technical equipment to monitor changes at 3 different locations along the river and gathering all the information and data they need for analysis back at school. 

The next stage is now well underway, and pupils are working out whether the River Alyn follows the Bradshaw Model or not, and explaining why this is or isn't the case in their Geography lessons.

The pupils were an absolute credit to themselves and the school, they had an excellent day where they increased their geographical understanding, and as an added bonus - no one fell in the river! Well done Year 9!

Year 7 Cyclists Hit The Road!
May 2, 2019

We have been delighted to welcome 'Bike Right!' back into school to lead groups of Year 7 cyclists through the Level 3 Schools Cycle Training.

The Level 3 course is the most advanced of the school programmes and incorporates busy road, traffic lights, roundabouts and other advanced road features. The cyclists took part in some theoretical instruction, some pan exercises and a closely supervised road ride to build experience, put their training into practice and gain valuable experience on the road.

Thanks to the Bike Right team for fun and safe training!

Year 8 Geographers Shake It Up!
May 2, 2019

Today in Geography 8P2 were planning, designing and making earthquake proof buildings.

The students have been studying our 'Hazardous World' Unit, looking at volcanoes, earthquakes and tsunamis amongst other geographical hazards. They had spent previous lessons learning about, and independently researching, the key characteristics of earthquake proof buildings.

With this knowledge they had to design and build an earthquake proof building made from spaghetti, some sticky tape and two pieces of A4 paper. The structure had to be able to hold 3 Crème Eggs and the tallest, strongest building would be named the winner.

The last one standing was made by Ava, Laura, Olivia, Ava and Amelia, for using their wonderful geographical knowledge and some initiative by making their main structure very strong but also adding some extra, non supportive spaghetti to make it the tallest as well!

Flashmob Celebrates International Day of Dance!
Apr 29, 2019

Monday, 29th April was International Day of Dance and our amazing Performing Arts Department surprised us all with a spectacular flashmob in the Peace Garden!

Everything at break was happening as normal with students chatting in groups, catching up on the morning's events, when suddenly, out of the crowd stepped over 70 students from Years 7 to 12 to perform Raise You Up from the musical Kinky Boots.   It was a joyous, uninhibited celebration of dance which received a huge round of applause from the crowd of over 500 who witnessed it.

It was a very fitting way to celebrate International Day of Dance which was also marked in Sacred Time with prayer resources on our Chaplaincy Prayer Wall. 

Former Student Performs At Hope Street Theatre
Apr 29, 2019

Former student Emma Flynn is appearing on stage at the Hope Street Theatre in What We Did Next's production of 'Be More Chill'.

Emma was no stranger to the stage in the Dorothy Stang Theatre during her time at St. Julie's, and we wish her every success with her performance. 

The show runs from the 8th to 11th May (11th is already sold out!) at the Hope Street Theatre.