Exam board: WJEC

QAN code: 500/4635/4

Art & Design is a broad course that explores practical and contextual work through a range of 2D and 3D processes, and new media and technologies. The course gives students a wide range of creative, exciting and
stimulating opportunities to explore their interests in art and design.
GCSE provides a strong foundation for further progression to related courses such as A level and Further

It is a general course where the candidates are expected to work with a variety of materials and processes associated with drawing, painting, textile design and ceramics. Each candidate is expected to produce a portfolio of work based on the themes of natural forms and local environment. It is essential that drawings are made from first hand observations and to aid this, visits are made to local venues and galleries where the
students are encouraged to collect both visual (drawing and photographic) and written information which
they will develop later as coursework.

For each project, the student is expected to demonstrate an ability to sustain work from initial starting points to the finished piece(s) as well as to show how their ideas developed and evidence of research of other
artists work and show how it has influenced their work.