Most Able and High Prior Attaining Students

At St. Julie's Catholic High School we recognise the importance of supporting all students and setting aspirational targets. Over the next few months we are developing a Scholars Programme which supports the top 10% of students across the school. Students are identified for this programme by their KS2 score and CATS (Cognitive Ability Test Scores) in Year 7.

Likewise, we will continue to support students who have achieved a Level 5 or above at KS2 as part of the high prior attaining band of students across the school. A whole-school provision map outlines the support currently in place for students as part of a three tiered process:

Stage/wave 1: quality first teaching strategies
Stage/wave 2: additional support and enrichment
Stage/wave 3: personalised support

Please also view the resources and materials available to support students at home. Further information will follow over the next few months. 

Advice Sheets

Using thinking skills in Literacy

Using thinking skills in Science

Supprting higher learning potential in Maths

Supporting higher learning potential in Modern Foreign Languages

Inspiring motivation to learn

Developing critical thinking skills

Provision Map

The Brilliant Club

Some Frequently Asked Questions about the Scholars Programme at St. Julie's

Why has my daughter been selected?

Your daughter has been selected based on her test results at the end of Year 6 in Primary School and CATs tests that are done in school in Year 7 on entry to St Julie’s Catholic High School.  These results show that your daughter is in the top 10% band for attainment in her year group.

What is the Scholars Programme?

This is a range of opportunities designed to broaden the experiences of our most able students to raise aspirations and life chances.  It is a combination of specialist teaching within the classroom, extra-curricular activities within school and a range of other opportunities at Hope University and other destinations to maximise your daughter’s outcomes.

Why is the event being held at Hope University?

We have strong links with Hope University through our shared foundation, as the Sisters of Notre Dame set up Mount Pleasant Teacher Training College and Notre Dame College, which subsequently become St Julie’s Catholic High School in Woolton, and Hope University through the amalgamation of Notre Dame College, St Katherine’s College, and Christ College, as a joint Faith University.

Professor Pillay will outline the outstanding results and opportunities available at Hope University for your daughter, as she progresses through school in the form of master classes, careers fairs, and preparation for University application and University life. 

Why should I attend?

At St Julie’s Catholic High School we recognise that the most able students need to be stretched and challenged to reach their full potential.  You will hear how this is done both within the classroom setting with short presentations from some of your daughter’s teachers.  You will also hear about a full range of projects and extra-curricular activities within school and opportunities for the wider development of your daughter at Hope University.

Finally, it will be an opportunity to celebrate and recognise your daughter’s ability and potential.