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Introducing Fledglink

May 13, 2021

Introducing Fledglink

Fledglink is a brand new app that helps students to prepare for life after education, helps them make better decisions and steers them towards their ideal career. Fledglink's vision is that every young person, whatever their starting point, will be able to achieve their maximum career potential.

The app is split into 5 main sections: 

Home: students log in here for up to date, authentic careers advice. 

Network: students can add connections and discover what peers think are their top strengths and qualities 

Career: this is where students can explore company profiles, apply for jobs and attend events 

Grow: students discover more about themself through quizzes and games in this section

My CV: students create a digital C.V. they can be proud of; get matched to jobs, experiences and events too!

To get involved, start by reading the instructions and watching the instructional video:


1) Download the Fledglink app for free via the App or Google Play stores:

2) Register and input referral code: STJULIES

3) Complete the activities mentioned in the video + contained in the attached how to guide.