Award: A Level

QAN: 601/8727/X

In our globalised world, English is no longer enough! 74 million people speak French across the world with a projected 750 million speakers by 2050. 50% of all UK businesses look for employees who can speak French and studying the language will be a huge asset for your career. Whether you wish to work in the travel, marketing, financial or even legal sectors, the ability to speak French is a powerful skill and companies will see your language ability as a huge asset.

Studying A level French not only gives you the opportunity to become a linguist and boost your career prospects but also allows you to study the history, culture, literature, music and cinema of one of the most amazing culture’s in the world. French goes well with many other subjects at degree level and many universities regard French A’level as a highly desirable qualification.

During your course, you will get the chance to visit Paris with your class and really immerse yourself in the language and joie de vivre of the French way of life.