Latest Careers Updates!

1/12/20: Apprenticeship Opportunities with the Government Economic Service

Amazing Apprenticeships are carrying details of over 70 vacancies with the Government Economic Service degree apprenticeship programme. Get more details here.

27/11/20: Apprenticeships and Trainee Positions at Top Companies

Success at School are listing current active opportunities with some heavyweight firms, including PwC, BT, IBM, and the National Audit Office. Move fast!

26/11/20: Myerscough Advice Morning - Last Of 2020!

Myserscough College are advertising their last advice morning of the Year on Saturday 5th December from 10am to 12:30pm. More details at Myerscough's website.

19/11/20: Video Effects Open Day from Pearson College London

Pearson College London are hosting an open day to give information about about their courses in animation, game art and visual design. The event is on the 28th November and you can find out more and sign up here.

19/11/20: Amazing Apprenticeships Parent Pack November 20

The November parents pack from Amazing Apprenticeships is now available for download.

18/11/20: Apprenticeships and careers with the Armed Forces webinar

Amazing Apprenticeships will be hosting an exclusive webinar with the Armed Forces to explore the apprenticeship opportunities available within the British Army, Royal Navy and Royal Air Force. The event is taking place at 3:30pm on the 25th November. You can book a place here!

13/11/20: Medical Mavericks

Medical Mavericks is a great resource for those seeking a career in Medicine (and their parents!). This week's clip is all about how to find a medical career and decided what to study.

12/11/20: University College St Helens Creative Arts Exhibition

Creative Arts Lecturers from University Centre St Helens will be exhibiting at the UCAS Futures in the Creative Arts Virtual Exhibition on Friday 13th November, from 12.00pm - 6.00pm and Saturday 14th November, from 10.00am - 4.00pm.

This year, you can attend the exhibition and experience all the excitement from the comfort of your own home! Further details and all the sign up information is here.

12/11/20: Virtual Career Days

The team over at have compiled a brilliant series of events offering virtual information and work experience across a broad range of sectors. The dates are as follows:

Midwifery -  Saturday November 21st 2020

Law - Saturday November 28th 2020

Dentistry - Saturday November 29th 2020

Medicine - Saturday December 5th 2020

Psychology - Saturday December 5th 2020

Career Choices Day- Saturday December 12th 2020

Aviation - Saturday December 12th 2020

Business - Saturday December 19th 2020

Performing Arts - Saturday January 23rd 2021

Veterinary Medicine - Saturday January 30th 2021

Students just need to visit to enrol on any course.

09/11/20: Mathematical Sciences eLecture

"When will I ever use Maths!?!" Find out in this fascinating eLecture from the team at Maths Careers, who will be discussing what mathematicians do in the real world and interviewing a professional mathematician who will be talking about how mathematical sciences are shaping the fight against Covid and the operations of the national economy. More info here.

05/11/20: Meet the Video Effects Industry with AccessVFX

AccessVFX are hosting a series of online workshops with some big players from the VFX industry including PlayStation, Industrial Light & Magic, Union VFX, Moonraker VFX, MPC Advertising, The Mill and more. Find out more and book places here.

05/11/20: Edge Hill University's last Open Day Event of 2020

If you're interested in studying at Edge Hill you'll not want to miss the last of their Open Day events for 2020. Find more and book a place here.

05/11/20: Hope University Open Days

Hope Univerrsity have released details of their latest set of virtual open events. Learn more and register here.

04/11/20: Martin Lewis: How to be successful

Broadcaster and money saving advisor Martin Lewis has produced a one off documentary packed with advice for success for young people. You can watch it here.

03/11/20: Myserscough Progression Evening

Myerscough College are hosting a virtual information event abuot progressing from FE to HE on the 12th Novomber at 6pm. Details here.

22/10/20: Virtual Work Experience Programmes

Springpod are carrying details of virtual work experience programmes in Aerospace, rail infrastructure and more. More details here. For those interested in finance, why not take a look at the virtual work experience offer from Barclays. For a really comprehensive outlook, have a look at Croydon's comprehensive virtual work experience list spanning all kinds of sectors!

22/10/20: Apprenticeships at GCHQ, PwC and IMB

Success at school are advertising details of exciting apprenticeship opportunities with the intelligence services at GCHQ, auditing, consulting and accounting with PwC, and the Futures placement scheme with IBM.

20/10/20: Medic Mentor

Aspiring dentists, medics and vets tuned in on Saturday for the launch of an exciting initiative provided by Medic Mentor. The Queen Elizabeth Hospital has partnered with Medic Mentor, the UK’s largest medical family, to provide live virtual work experience to students wanting to become a doctor, dentist or vet.  

This work experience programme is completely unique because unlike other virtual work experience programmes, it is LIVE, using high fidelity simulation in the best state-of-the-art-simulation centre in the country, at the QE Hospital in Birmingham.  Our aspiring medics will Follow three patients over a six-month period as they go from diagnosis, to treatment and follow up, that is provided by real doctors and a multidisciplinary team. Further opportunities relating to veterinary and dental applicants to follow. If any budding medics, vets or dentists have any questions about the initiative and future opportunities, please let Mr Magor and Mrs Jones know. Learn more here.

20/10/20: University of Liverpool Open Days

The University of Liverpool have updated their schedule of open days and visits, all of which are available here.

15/10/20: University of Law Virtual Twilight Sessions

The University of Law are hosting a wide range of virtual sessions, including:

3 Nov: Does everyone get a fair trial?

10 Nov: What are the main issues when policing protests? (4.30pm)

17 Nov: How is technology changing 21st century lawyers?

24 Nov: Has e-commerce destroyed the traditional company?

2 Dec: How can managers maintain productivity in challenging times?

Lectures are delivered by tutors who are experts (lawyers and ex detectives) in the field and are aimed at students in year 12 and 13 who are interested in studying these areas at university. Sessions run from 4-5pm.

14/10/20: Futures 12 Month Placement Scheme at IBM 

IBM are accepting applications for their 12 Month 'Futures' placement programme. If you want to find out more about how you can get it at the ground floor with a multinational blue-chip firm, the details are here.

05/10/20: Edge Hill University Virtual Events

Edge Hill University have announced some helpful new virtual events. The first is an introduction to UCAS and Personal Statements which will be applicable to all university applicants. If you like the experience you might want to have a look at some of the virtual open days.

02/10/20: More Virtual Open Days

More virtual open day events have been announced by Universities, including Glasgow Caledonian, Pearson Business School and Escape Studio.

29/9/20: LJMU Virtual Events

Following a successful summer series, LJMU have announced a raft of virtual activities, including student support sessions, Autumn open days, subject specific virtual events and access to an HE conference.

29/9/20: Advice Webinar from the Medic Portal

The Medic Portal will be running three free Get Into Medicine Seminars over the coming month live online.

They will focus on how to succeed in the medical school interview (updated for this unique year) alongside top tips from admissions tutors.

They will run on the following dates and times:

Sign up here!

29/9/20: The Long Game: What does the future hold?

Success at School have posted a detailed article on what the future of work opportunities for young people looks like. It's a long read, but worth it.

25/9/20: Resources from Mysercough College

Myerscough College are building their online catalogue of resources and facilities, which can be found here. The Open Advice Morning on 10th October is still being risk assessed and may be virtual rather than physical. We'll bring you more information on that as we get it.

17/9/20: Online Tasters from Pearson Business School

Pearson Business School are running an online taster day for their courses in Business Management, Accounting and Law. More details and booking here.

16/9/20: Simple Guide to the University Process

Get a jump on understanding how to access university courses with 'successatschools' bite size guide.

15/9/20: LJMU Virtual Opportunities in Social Sciences, Humanities and Teaching

Find out more about this event for aspiring University Scientists at the UCAS Event Page.

15/9/20: LJMU Virtual Opportunities in Biological and Physical Sciences

Find out more about this event for aspiring University Scientists at the UCAS Event Page.

14/09/20: Widening Access to Medicine

Edge Hill University are running a series of events giving more information about their widening access programme that can offer slightly different routes into Medicine. More details here.

14/07/20: Technical Apprenticeships with Arqiva

Arqiva is a leading UK communications infrastructure company and they are advertising some interesting technical apprenticeships. They're not local, but it's the kind of work that takes you across the country anyway. More info here.

10/07/20: National Careers Support Service

The National Careers Service are running a series of free webinars this month to support individuals in preparing for virtual interviews with employers. Every Tuesday in July at 10am, these webinars include practical tips on how to prepare in advance and interview confidently on the day.

10/07/20: DfE Guides for Results Day

The Department for Education have released a guidance infogram showing routes available after GCSE, supported with a short animation.

10/07/20: Amazing Apprenticeships Parent Pack

The July parents' and carers' pack from Amazing Apprenticeships has now been published.

09/07/20: Allied Health Profession Webinars

Discovering Podiatry Webinar –

Join a live webinar focusing on podiatry, where our facilitator will pose a range of questions to a podiatrist, asking them to reflect on their role and how they got to where they are today.  Podiatrists are specialists in conditions of the lower limb and they belong to the job family called the Allied Health Professions. They play a key role in reducing pain and helping people maintain their mobility and independence, and in many cases the focus of their role is also preventative.

This webinar is designed for all students interested in learning about an exciting career in Podiatry.

Discovering Therapeutic Radiography Webinar –

Do you know the difference between a Therapeutic Radiographer and a Diagnostic Radiographer?

Does science or psychology fascinate you?

Do you want to help cure cancer or ease any discomfort for those with a cancer illness.  

Do you like the idea of doing a job that blends rapidly changing exciting technology and ICT software whilst ensuring that caring and supporting people is at the heart of what you do?

Do you like the idea of a varied job that isn’t desk bound and could take you into all sorts of work sectors including round the world?

If so come and hear about therapeutic radiography and real life stories from an experienced therapeutic radiographer about this diverse and rewarding career.

Discovering Prosthetics & Orthotics Webinar –

Are you interested in a career that is the “make” in “make a difference”?

Can you solve problems and design the real-world solution?

Want a career that uses design, technology, bionics, high tech materials and engineering solutions?

Join in and learn more about a career that really changes people lives.

This webinar is designed for all students interested in learning about an exciting career in Prosthetics and Orthotics.

Discovering Orthoptics Webinar –

If you have an interest in the eye and how we see, join our live webinar focusing on Orthoptics. Orthoptists are the experts in diagnosing and treating defects in eye movement and problems with how the eyes work together, called binocular vision. These can be caused by issues with the muscles around the eyes or defects in the nerves enabling the brain to communicate with the eyes.  We will cover the role of an Orthoptist, conditions they will treat and the routes to becoming an Orthoptist.

This webinar is designed for all students interested in learning about an exciting career in Orthoptics and Vision Science.

08/07/20: RAF Live Recruitment Event

With face to face events off the table, the RAF are running a live online careers fair. The event has lots of video and a 24/7 live chat, and you can register for it here. For general RAF recruitment information visit this page, and for a helpful parents' guide, look here.

03/07/20: Royal Navy Recruitment

The Royal Navy is recruiting now in a number of different roles such as:  Catering, Hospitality, Logistics, Engineering, Warfare, Medical, and Royal Marine Commandos. Find out more about the opportunties available with the Royal Navy here.

30/06/20: LJMU Summer Support Sessions

LJMU's Outreach team is pleased to announce two weeks of interactive webinars for students who are considering higher education. The events will all be live on our secure Zoom account and are free to access for all. All registration links to the sessions are contained within the attached PDF.

As you will be aware, LJMU and other institutions would usually host and deliver a large range of presentations and interactions with Year 12 students at this time of year. The two weeks of sessions, labelled ‘LJMU Summer Support Sessions’ incorporate a variety of sessions we have traditionally delivered at this time of year. In collaboration with LJMU’s Study Skills and Finance teams, there are 12 sessions for students, staff and parent’s to sign up for.

Further information on each session is available on the LJMU Outreach page here.

30/06/20: Guidance on Veterinary Science

We'd like to say a big thank you to former St. Julie's student Niamh Fowler who has recently graduated from the Royal Veterinary College in London. She has authored the following helpful advice for people wanting to apply for veterinary science and for those seeking work experience. Thanks Niamh!

26/6/20: University Taster Days have updated their resources, and you can search for online University taster events using their search engine here. They are also offering impartial webinars all the way through summer, browsable here. Finally, there are resources for younger students too, available here!

25/6/20: Royal Liverpool Hospital Open Days

The Royal Liverpool Hospital is hosting four full-day NHS Careers events later this year which, at the moment, are still due to go ahead. If your son or daughter is in either Year 12 now or is in Year 11 and has been offered a place at Saint Julie's for September and is interested in attending these sessions, please ask him/her to email Mrs Mannings at school this week. There are only 5 places reserved for Saint Julie's for each course, so demand will be high. The sessions are:

Aspiring Medics Day - 28th September 2020
Science Open Day - 12th October 2020
Nursing Career Day - 15th November 2020
Wider Team Careers- 3rd December 2020

He/she may apply for more than one event, but in case of high numbers and to be fair to all who apply, could you ask him/her to put the events in which he/she is interested in order of preference. 

11/6/20: Success At School Careers Guide

The people over at Success At Schools are putting the finishing touches to their parents guide for the next academic year. You can get a free preview here, but you will have to hand over your email address to get the link.

11/6/20: Railway Engineering Event

This event has the potential to be really interesting! As part of 'women in engineering' Govia Thameslink Railway (GTR) are hosting a careers event online. Now GTR are based in the South East, but even if you're not up for the relocation you might pick up some useful information about the diversity of roles that keep trains moving. Learn more here.

11/6/20: City of Liverpool College Events and Open Days

For a convenient round up of all the virtual open events at the City of Liverpool College have a look at this page.

11/6/20: Virtual Work Experience in Law

During the pandemic more and more activities are moving online, and now you can get work experience in the legal profession online too! Find out more at the Lawyer Portal!

9/6/20 Allied Health Professionals

Could you be an NHS hero in one of the allied health professions? Take a look here for a range of free webinars covering professions like Podiatry, Therapeutic Radiography, Othoptics and Prosthetics.

8/6/20 Army Officer Scholarship

Are you interested in becoming an Army officer? Find out more about a scholarship opportunity for 17-18 year old A Level students here.

19/05/20 Degree Apprenticeship Webinar with Pearson

Pearson business school are offering a free webinar with all the juice on Degree Apprenticeships and how they could work for you. You can find out a little more about degree apprenticeships here and sign up for the free event here.

18/05/20 RAF Online Recruitment

The Royal Air Force stand alongside other organisations in offering online access to recruitment materials. This video is a good introduction to the RAF, and information below may also prove useful:

Due to COVID19 government defined measures, the application timeline may increase slightly but the RAF are still recruiting across a number of positions.

If you have expressed an interest in the RAF; or are still unsure of what avenue you wish to go down, the RAF recruitment doors are very much open and offer a range of apprenticeships to apply for immediately, regardless of results.

If you are looking for more information, you can browse the role brochures on the RAF Recruitment App (iPhone & Android) and also find out more information or apply on the RAF Recruitment website –

For more general RAF interest the RAF website is excellent

The RAF also have an Instagram page so if you have any questions, please go to: @rafcareersmanchester

Below is a little more information about the RAF and some of the roles that you are eligible to apply for NOW:
Benefits of an RAF apprenticeship



Air Operations

Personnel Support

Force Protection


15/05/20 Uni Taster Days

UniTasterDays are delivering free university guidance webinars every Tuesday for the rest of the academic year, with a Q&A. Have a look at the different events and book a place here. If you're looking for an event for a specific university then check out this list of almost 400 different online events from institutions across the nation.

15/05/20 Amazing Apprenticeships Parent Pack

The Parents Pack from Amazing Apprenticeships is a special edition this month, exploring some of the key issues around Covid-19 that have been identified by parents and carers.

15/05/20 National Careers Service Still Operational

The National Careers Service remains operational over the phone, online and through social media.

13/05/20 Latest Apprenticeship Vacancies in Liverpool

Despite the state of chaos there are still some good apprenticeship opportunities available in Liverpool at the moment. More here.

Is there something you would like to see in these pages?

Have you got a careers interest that you would like to see explored in these pages? Send Mrs Mannings a message using your student email or in the VLE and we'll try and help!

08/05/20 Careers In Design and Creative Arts

The field of design and creative arts is vast, with such a huge breadth of professional activity that it's hard to know where to get started. This page will help.

08/05/20 Careers In Music

Whether you're a front of stage person or strictly backroom, there are lots of different roles that all involve working in music.

08/05/20 Careers In Sport

Got your game face on? Find out more about careers in Sport here.

07/05/20 Careers in Hair and Beauty

Are you attracted to a career in beauty? Here's twenty roles that might interest you, and some further detailed advice about qualifications.

07/05/20 Careers Working With Animals

If you want a career working with animals then you've got more options than just veterinary science. How about military dog handler? Have a look at a round up animal related careers here.

07/05/20 Careers in Engineering

'Success at School' are throwing the spotlight in Careers in engineering this week. If you want to know what engineering is all about, start here.

05/05/20 Careers In Theatre

The curtains may not be rising right now, but the army of creative performers, writers and technical experts will be marching again soon. If you would like to be among them then find out more about careers in the theatre here.

05/05/20 Are you in the future of hospitality and travel?

The hospitality and travel sector has taken a big hit in 2020, but it will be back. Could you be there to help rebuild the sector? Learn more about roles in the industry here.

05/05/20 Careers That Help People

Are you seeking a career that is rooted in helping other people. Target Careers have some great options for you to consider.

04/05/20 Fasting Growing Jobs In Britain

Do you know what the 10 fastest growing vacancies in Britain are? (Spoiler - seven of them are in the Health & Social Care sector)

04/05/20 Do You Want To Change The World?

If you want to be a mover and shaker, check out the advice from Target Careers on 'Careers that make a difference'.

04/05/20 Personal Advice from Careers Planner

Careers planner uses hundreds of on-line tools to give you personalised advice on going forward on your career, but it does need registration. You'll need the school's exam centre number which you'll find in the Careers section of the VLE.

04/05/20 Which Degree Do I Need?

Knowing which degree can take you into a certain career isn't always obvious. Use the tools on this site to help plan your route.

04/05/20 Maths Career Profiles

Do you know what kind of careers Maths could take you in to? Have a look at these profiles to find out!

01/05/20 Virtual Work Experience

We've got more on virtual work experience for you, this time in Law and in Medicine. This could be brilliant experience as well as great ammo for your CV and applications.

30/4/20: Insight Week at Lloyd's

Interesting in a career in finance? Lloyds and Aon have teamed up to provide two virtual insight weeks this summer. Beat the rush and make your application now. More info here.

27/4/20: Twiddling Your Thumbs? Update Your CV!

While you['ve got the time, everyone from Year 10 upwards would be well-advised to create or update your CVs ready for future applications for courses, work experience and full or part time jobs. Why not use this handy template?

27/4/20: Online Information From Edge Hill University

Edge Hill University have joined the many organisations who have taken their information and taster events online. Live presentations suitable for secondary school students of all year groups can be found here.

21/4/20: RAF Apprenticeship Recruitment

The Royal Air Force are actively recruiting across a number of roles that they've asked us to let you know about. They have asked for any questions during lockdown to go via their Instagram page @rafcareersmanchester.

Benefits of an RAF apprenticeship



Air Operations

Personnel Support

Force Protection

20/4/20: Key Worker Focus

'Success at School' are running a week long focus exploring the careers of Key Workers who are proving vital to the UK during the Covid-19 lockdown. 

13/3/20: NHA Apprenticeships

Check here for a link to current Apprenticeships at all levels in the NHS.

13/3/20: Updated student guide to Apprenticeships

Amazing apprenticeships have updated their Interactive Student Guide for 2020, which is available here.

10/3/20: Edge Hill Taster Days

The latest list of subject taster days from Edge Hill University are available here. Be aware that Health and Social Care days include Nursing, Midwifery and Allied Health Professionals.

4/3/20: Apprenticeship 2020 Guide Published

The latest apprenticeship guide for 2020 from ratemyapprenticeship has been puiblished and is available online.

4/3/20: Police Officer Degree Apprenticeships in Merseyside

Merseyside Police have having a recruitment drive with degree apprenticeship opportunities available.

26/2/20: Get Into Theatre

For a breakdown of different careers in the theatrical industry and advice on all things theatre, check out 'Get Into Theatre'.

25/2/10: Amazing Apprenticeships Parent Pack

The parent pack for February from Amazing Apprenticeships is now available from their site.

25/2/20: 'How To Become' Guides

If you know a specific career that you want to access you might find the 'Success at School how to become...' guides a very useful resource.

25/2/20: Parental Careers Resource

Parents and carers might wish to sign up to the 'Success at School' mailing list to get targeted careers guidance.

13/2/20: Careers in Utilties and Energy

Electric cars need lots of electricity, and who will fit the distribution networks? Maybe you! Check out the careers in utilities and energy guide from 'success at school'.

12/2/20: Work Experience Opportunities with PwC

Insight week programmes with auditing giants PwC are a great opportunity for Year 12 students, but applications are closing very, very soon!

06/2/20: New Apprenticeship Opportunities Across Multiple Sectors

Applications are currently being considered for Apprenticeship opportunities within the Oil and Gas sector with OGTAP, in Accountancy with the National Audit Office, in Engineering with Atkins and in Finance and Management with food giant Nestle.

09/1/20: Andrew Collinge Training Open Evenings

Andrew Collinge are hosting some open evenings so you can find out more about their Hairdressing Apprenticeship programmes. You'll need to register in advance, and let them know beforehand if you can't make it. More info here.

12/12/19: Careers with Merseyside Police

From 2020 Merseyside Police are making Policing a graduate profession, with an attractive starting salary and learning opportunities. Find out more here.

20/11/19: Gap Year Brochures

We're not promoting this particular provider, and other gap year organisations are available, but there are some useful brochures here.

20/11/19: Do you want to be a journalist?

If you're interested in a career in Journalism be sure to have a look at this really useful resource.

18/11/19: Could you be a Police Cadet?

The Police Cadet scheme is a one year volunteer programme open to Year 12 students, and offers an excellent preparation for a career in the Police Force or as a stand alone experience. More info here.

14/11/19: Amazing Apprenticeships November Parent Pack

The latest parent pack from Amazing Apprenticeships has now been published.

14/11/19: Apprenticeships with BT

Applications are now open for apprenticeship positions with telecoms giant, BT. Find out more here.

07/11/19: Moving On Magazine

For an interesting read on all things careers, check out the online 'Moving On' magazine.

19/09/19 Amazing Apprenticeships Parent Pack

The September pack from Amazing Apprenticeships is now available.

21/06/19 Amazing Apprenticeships Parent Pack

The June parent pack from Amazing Apprenticeships is now available.

16/05/19 All About Apprenticeships Parent Pack

The May Parent Pack from All About Apprenticeships is now available for download.

08/05/19 Money Saving Expert gives perspective on Student Loans

Martin Lewis - the 'Money Saving Expert' - weighs in with some interesting perspectives on managing student loans.


Aspiring Lawyers may be interested in a new partnership between the Lawyer Portal and Vantage that can give exclusive access to opportunities such as work experience, open days and legal apprenticeships. More info here.


The April Parents' Pack from Amazing Apprenticeships is now available for download.


For those interested in pursuing animal care or veterinary careers, weekend volunteering positions are available at Acorn Farm.

21/03/19: Updated Parents Pack From Amazing Apprenticeships

The updated parent pack can be found here.

Ongoing: Target Careers Guide To Your Future

Check out the latest guide from Target Careers full of useful guidance for your future.

7/2/19: Medic and Lawyer Portals

If you're interested in careers in Medicine or the Law then both of these sites are must visits:

25/01/19: Amazing Apprenticeships Parent Pack

You can download the January parent pack all about apprenticeships here.

08/01/19: Guidance Pack from the Lawyer Portal

You can download the guide to careers in the law for 14-18 years published by the Lawyer Portal here.

14/12/18: Amazing Apprenticeships Parent Pack

You can download the December parent pack all about apprenticeships here.

Updated DAILY: Higher And Degree Apprenticeship Vacancy List

This list is updated daily with new opportunities and maintained by the Government. You can always find the latest list on this page.

06/12/18: Target Careers Degree Explorer

Target Careers have updated their 'Degree Explorer' - a 20 minute questionnaire that aims to help students choose the right degree courses based on their interests, aspirations and abilities. You can find the questionnaire here (free registration required)

29/11/18: Amazing Apprenticeships Parent Pack

You can download the November parent pack all about apprenticeships here.

09/11/18: Guidance on Veterinary Science

We'd like to say a big thank you to former St. Julie's student Niamh Fowler who is currently studying at the Royal Veterinary College in London. She has authored the following helpful advice for people wanting to apply for veterinary science and for those seeking work experience. Thanks Niamh!

05/11/18: Apprenticeships Parent Resource 

'Amazing Apprenticeships' have published the first in a series of resources, a resource pack for parents.


Updated DAILY: Wondering about your future career? 

Unsure what to do? Check out this link.


The following articles are from 'Target Careers' material:

Alternatives to university and what they involve

For some students undertaking a degree at university may not be the most suitable route for the career they would like to achieve in the future. In day 4 of National Careers Week we take a look at alternatives to university what these involve.

What are degree apprenticeships?

Degree apprenticeships involve gaining a university degree while you work. This is usually a bachelors degree (a level 6 qualification), though in a few cases you will get a masters degree (a level 7 qualification). It’s a great way to get a degree and extensive workplace experience while avoiding university debt, though on the flip side the course will be chosen by the employer and participants will need to balance work and study.

What are higher apprenticeships?

Higher apprenticeships are similar to degree apprenticeships, though the qualifications you work towards are usually a little below bachelors degree level. For example, you might gain a level 4 qualification such as an HNC or an NVQ level 4, or a level 5 qualification such as an HND or foundation degree.

What are graduate apprenticeships? 

Graduate apprenticeships are run in Scotland and are similar to degree apprenticeships and higher apprenticeships. They combine paid work with university study and can lead to qualifications ranging from an HND to a masters degree, depending on the particular programme.

What are sponsored degrees?

There are two types of sponsored degree. One is effectively just a different, older name for a degree apprenticeship – that is, a programme on which an employee will work for their employer, study for a degree part-time and have their tuition fees paid for them.

The other is an arrangement by which an employer provides limited financial support to students who have gone to university in the normal way and are studying a subject that relates to the employer’s business.

What are school leaver programmes?

The term school leaver programme is quite generic. It describes programmes that combine earning and learning – and with tuition fees covered by the employer – but there is no need for the content to fit a particular framework. You might see the term used to describe a scheme that is technically an apprenticeship, or as a catch-all for all earning-and-learning opportunities open to school leavers.

However, in practice it is quite often used by employers in accountancy and related areas who take students after their A levels or equivalent and put them through an extensive programme of work and study designed to qualify them as chartered accountants. 

To find out more about the alternatives to university, take a look at our work vs uni page here.


Careers that require a specific degree subject


For some careers it is important that you have a degree in a specific discipline and below we have given some examples of these.



You usually need an engineering degree. There are a few opportunities for those with closely related degrees, eg maths, physics and materials science.

Medicine, nursing, dentistry and related fields 

You need a degree in the relevant subject to pursue a career in any of the above specialisms. For example, medicine (doctor), nursing (nurse) osteopathy (osteopath) and so on.


Undergraduate qualifications include sciences, applied sciences and related degrees. Maths is also a valuable degree for some scientific careers, particularly those related to physics or engineering.

Veterinary science 

You will need a degree in veterinary science.

Careers that you can do with any degree subject

In other cases having a specific degree is not necessary and below are some examples of careers where it does not necessarily matter what you study.




You can enter accountancy with any degree subject, but employers will look for a proven ability with numbers and may seek a set number of UCAS points. Good grades are key at A level and degree level and some employers may favour some higher education institutions over others.


For technical roles, many employers require an IT degree (eg computer science). A subject that involves lots of maths may be accepted and some employers accept a postgraduate conversion course. However, some graduates make it in without any of these. 


Non-law graduates need to undertake a one-year conversion course after university. There are also essential postgraduate qualifications. High academic achievement is valued throughout, so you will need to obtain a 2.1 or a first in your degree and conversion course. 

Retail banking, insurance and actuarial 

You can typically get into retail banking with any degree subject. Some insurance jobs are open to all graduates but others aren’t. If you want to be an actuary you’ll usually need a degree that includes a lot of maths. 

Supply chain and logistics 

There are opportunities for graduates from any degree programme, but some employers may require a degree in engineering, logistics or supply-chain management depending on the role you are applying for.


Any degree is accepted, but it is sensible to study for a degree in a subject that you may wish to teach later on. Normally you will also require a postgraduate teacher training qualification before you can start work. You may also be asked to undertake literacy and numeracy tests before you are allowed into the profession.

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Degree subjects and pay

The Office for National Statistics’ Graduates in the UK Labour Market 2013 report looked at the incomes of those who held an undergraduate degree by which subject they had studied. These figures include all undergraduate degree holders, not just recent graduates. From highest to lowest, the ranking was:

1. medicine
2. engineering
3. physical and environmental sciences
4. architecture
5. maths and computer science
6. languages
7. social sciences and law
8. business and finance
9. education

10. agricultural sciences
11. biological sciences
12. humanities
13. subjects related to medicine
14. technology
15. linguistics, English and classics
16. arts
17. media and information studies.

The highest average salary (medicine) was £46,000. The lowest (media and information studies) was £21,000.

Which degree subjects are best for graduate employment?

Each year UK universities contact their former students six months after they have graduated to find out what they are doing – for example working, studying for a further qualification or searching for work. This is known as the Destinations of Leavers from Higher Education (DLHE) survey.

For example, graduates with degrees in computer science or related subjects are consistently the group with the highest unemployment level – this has been the case in DLHE surveys going back a number of years. The 2015 survey asked those who graduated in 2014 what they were doing six months later and found that:

Careers with skills shortages

The UK Visa Bureau’s shortage occupations list is a helpful starting point to find out about careers with skills shortages. Its actual purpose is to inform UK employers and potential immigrants what jobs can be filled by workers from outside the EU, but the information is useful to anyone interested in skills shortages.
Jobs on the list include:

Another source is the UK Commission for Employment and Skills (UKCES)’s Employer Skills Survey, which is conducted every two years. This contains less information about specific jobs with shortages, but gives a broad-brush view of the situation in different industries and at different levels.

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