Sixth Form Context 2016/17

There are currently 170 students on roll in Sixth Form, studying a minimum of 3 x A Level or Level 3 BTEC subjects. In any given year, approximately 80% of the Year 13 cohort will progress onto Higher Education, with the remainder either commencing employment or continuing their education in local FE Colleges. 

All A/S levels sat by students in Summer 2016 were cashed in - including those sat in linear subjects in which students will be sitting A Level examinations in summer 2017. 

Due to the demands of linear courses, A/S grades this year do not necessarily give as accurate an indicator in the past of likely A Level performance as although students were entered for A/S examinations much of the teaching was based around preparing students for full A Level. As such, we would expect that final A Level grades are likely to be higher than A/S grades, as this is the level of qualification for which students have been better prepared. 

Summer 2016 was the last session in which students will be entered en masse for A/S Levels - in future, the expectation will be that students will be following two year courses in all linear subjects.