School Uniform Suppliers

School Uniform for St. Julie's can be obtained from the following suppliers:

John Lewis
Liverpool ONE
70 South John Street
Liverpool L1 8BJ

Laser Schoolwear
92/100 London Road
L3 5NL

298 St. Mary's Road
L19 0NQ

West Derby School Wear
239-241 Eaton Road
West Derby
L12 2AG
0151 228 7896

Uniform requirements from agreed stockist:

Blazer French Navy with St. Julie's badge, either woollen or nylon
Kilt in Holyrood Tartan
All pupils must wear blouses in their year colours:
Year 7: White
Year 8: Blue
Year 9: Green
Year 10: Lilac
Year 11: Gold

Jumper French Navy - ‘V'-necked
School Scarf navy with school badge
St. Julie's school bag - Eco messenger bag (Black) or Quadra bag (Navy)

Also required [not available from agreed stockist] :

Outdoor coat Navy
School socks/tights Navy
School Shoes Black or Navy that can be polished

Expressive Arts: Also required [not available from agreed stockist] :

Dance: Key Stage 3: Years 7, 8 & 9
• White open necked ‘aertex blouse' [same as PE ]
• Black leggings

Dance: Key Stage 4: Years 10 & 11
• Black round neck, short sleeved ‘t' shirt
• Black leotard
• Black leggings

• Black round neck, short sleeved ‘t' shirt [same as dance]
• Black leggings

Physical Education: Compulsory Items [purchased only at the school office]

• White ‘aertex blouse'
• Athletic Shorts
• White ankle socks
• Black School Sweatshirt
• Black School Jogging Bottoms
• PE Bag

Also required [not available at school]

• Laced training shoes - predominately white, navy or black

Learning Equipment Essential Items [not available at school]

• Pencil case
• Pens - blue or black ink only
• Pencils
• Coloured pencils
• Pencil Sharpener
• A rubber
• A 30cm ruler
• Scientific Calculator (which can be purchased from the Maths department for approx £4)
• English Pocket Dictionary
• From Year 8 - French or Spanish Dictionary
• D&T Craft Apron
• Compass
• Pen Drive