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Practical Particle Physics!

Jul 5, 2019

Practical Particle Physics!

Particle accelerators have numerous applications across many fields including research, medicine, electronics, environment and energy. Last week, some year 9 and 10 Scientists learned about these applications at a student symposium on Accelerators for Science and Society at Liverpool Convention Centre.

Leading scientists provided unique insight into their current research and showcased their vision for future developments and applications. Topics covered included: Data Science, what data is being collected about you and how organisations are using it; proton beam therapy and the complexities of building therapy centres in the UK; and an introduction to antimatter, answering what it is, how it’s made and what can we use it for. There was also, a very funny presentation by the author and illustrator Curtis Jobling, who highlighted the importance of art and creative subjects working alongside scientific disciplines. 

Afterwards, the students were treated to some games and demonstrations.  Plasma formation was explained by microwaving marshmallows, there was proton mini golf, freezing time with liquid droplets, and bending water streams without touching.

This was a great introduction to cutting edge technology from some of Europe’s leading scientists.