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St Julie’s Teacher Participates in UK Living Kidney Sharing Scheme

Apr 5, 2019

St Julie’s Teacher Participates in UK Living Kidney Sharing Scheme

Mrs Bashford, a Humanities teacher at St. Julie’s, donated a kidney earlier this year in part of a nationally co-ordinated scheme.

As reported in the Runcorn and Widnes World, Mrs Bashford’s stepdaughter, Tara, was in urgent need of a kidney after being diagnosed at 18 with an auto-immune disease called IGA Nephropathy. A donated kidney from her Dad sadly failed due to a blood clot, leaving Tara needing daily dialysis.

Mrs Bashford was tissue tested but proved not be a perfect match with Tara. She was still able to help though, through a nationally co-ordinated scheme called the UK Living Kidney Sharing Scheme, which pairs up patients needing kidneys with living donors in a reciprocal arrangement.

Surgery was carried out in January this year, and Tara is now back to leading the normal life of a 22 year old.

Speaking about her experience, Mrs Bashford said “Organ donation is something I have felt very strongly about from a young age and I really want to do my part to help raise awareness. I now have a few scars which I take as a privilege of having the opportunity to donate.”

The law about organ donation is changing, and from Spring 2020 will operate under a model of presumed consent, meaning that potential donors will be presumed to have assented to organ donation unless they have chosen to opt-out.

Speaking of the change, Mrs Bashford said “The change in the law is very welcome and will help thousands of families, but it is still another year before it comes into effect. The best thing to do is still to register with the NHS Organ Donor Register which makes your consent absolutely clear and may help your family members make what could otherwise have been a tough decision at a very difficult time.”