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9A Lead Into International Women's Day

Mar 7, 2019

9A Lead Into International Women's Day

In preparation of International Women's Day 2019 on Friday 8th March, 9 Arrowsmith delivered an assembly today on how women have changed the world. They told the story of a typical, do-it-all modern woman, and how her life was influenced by women throughout history. In 1840, her life would look a little different. She would have to drink gritty coffee - but luckily, Melitta Bentz invented the coffee filter in 1908. She would have to take a cold shower - but luckily, Ida Forbes invented the water heater in 1917. She would have to drive through a storm with poor visibility - but luckily, Mary Anderson invented the windscreen wipers in 1903.

9A also highlighted some interesting statistics: in the 1840s, women were denied access to Harvard Medical School. Now several recent classes have graduated more women than men. In the 1850s, about half of UK working women were domestic servants. Now there are more female lawyers, doctors and architects than men in those careers. In 1972, men owned 96% of the businesses in the US. Today, one in three businesses in the US are owned by a woman. In 1914, Madam CJ Walker became the first female self-made millionaire. Today there are 14 female self-made billionaires.

Well done to 9 Arrowsmith for delivering such an informative assembly. Remember to celebrate not only the great women who have shaped the world, but also the great women in our own lives – sisters, mums, aunties, cousins, friends and teachers. Happy International Women's Day 2019!