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Towering Success in Science Club!

Jul 10, 2018

Towering Success in Science Club!

Science club students flexed their engineering muscles this week in a team work challenge!

Each team was given a set of everday materials including card, drinking straws, paper clips, craft sticks, plastic spoons and paper cups and were challenged to build the biggest tower they could using only the materials given.

As the scientists very quickly came to realise, the twist in this challenge was the lack of adhesives that forced some innovative thinking on how best to make strong joints between the materials. This problem of course had to be solved alongside the challenges facing all architects in generating maximum strength from minimum resources.

The teams worked amazingly well together, with each team member actively solving problems as they arose. Our loudest cheer is saved for Team 1 who managed to use all of the materials in their pack to create a structure 84cm tall. Well done!