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Learning to Balance the Budget!

Mar 21, 2018

Learning to Balance the Budget!

Student have been learning to plan budgets today in a financial management workshop with volunteers from HMRC, Barclaycard and Sopra Steria.

Students covered core topics of:

What is money?
What is saving?
What is spending?
The importance of budgeting

During the session, students were given counters worth £50, and had to determine what they would spend that £50 on in a week. Then they were asked to write a list of what they would like to save for. With a savings plan in mind the students were then invited to revise their spending decisions!

The students found the workshop really helpful, and when asked what they had taken away from the session, comments included:

"How to save money"
"Buy what you need, not what you want"
"You can get a part time job at 13"
"I am a bit of a spender!"
"I have learnt how budgeting is very important to manage money"

Thank you very much to our session leaders for their time in visiting St. Julie's today.