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1804 Society Select Hymns Old and New

Feb 23, 2018

1804 Society Select Hymns Old and New

Friday 2nd February was an important anniversary for all those connected with St Julie’s Catholic High School. Our chaplain, Mr Anderson, along with Sister Margaret SND and members of the 1804 Society, led staff and students in a special gathering of First Friday’s Hymns Old and New to celebrate the founding of the Sisters of Notre Dame in 1804.

Head girl, Megan Lester, introduced the hymns which had been chosen by the 1804 Society: How Great Thou Art and Be Still for the Presence of the Lord, before speaking about the meaning behind the hymns and how they inspired in her a memory of making the acquaintance of a joyous elderly lady while in Lourdes, a lady whose unfaltering faith guided her through any difficulties in life.

The singing brought together all those drawn to the music: those present and those who came out of rooms and hung over banisters to enjoy the celebration: it was a wonderful way to not only celebrate the enduring legacy of the Sisters of Notre Dame, but also an uplifting start to February for all involved.