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Illuminating the Paschal Candle

Feb 9, 2018

Illuminating the Paschal Candle

7 Rigby have had a bit of a different lesson learning about the Paschal Candle. 

Miss Skillin brought the class to the Notre Dame Chapel and the students asked Mr Anderson, our Chaplain, some great questions about the symbolism of this special religious item.  They excelled as they explored the incense, the Greek letters Alpha and Omega, the distinction between a cross and crucifix and the order in which the candle is inscribed at the Easter Vigil on Holy Saturday night. 

They then re-enacted what happens at the vigil, illuminating their own candles as Holly carried the Paschal Candle to the sanctuary, stopping three times in the procession.  At each stop, this most enthusiastic of forms sang the Latin words "Lumen Christi" which mean "the light of Christ".

At the end of the lesson, they broke with Church tradition as Holly, who was celebrating her twelfth birthday, made a wish and 'blew out' all the candles!

When Easter comes round this year, they should certainly be able to appreciate the symbolism of this most special of the Christian festivals.