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Christmas Tree Festival

Dec 20, 2017

Christmas Tree Festival

This year, in our new school building we held the inaugural St. Julie’s Christmas Tree Festival where different communities within the school were invited to decorate trees in such a way as to capture the spirit of that community!  The festival was undertaken on the initiative of the 1804 Society Celebration Co-ordinator’s Amy and Isobel who also judged the competition element with Mr Anderson, our chaplain.  They were overwhelmed by the intensi-tree of the competition but tried to be fir in their deliberations!

There were some very innovative names and decorations and the winners were:

Best name:   The English Department’s ‘Leaning Tower of Treesa’ and DT’s “DePine and TechnologTree”.   

Best at capturing the spirit of the community:   The canteen’s ‘Dinertree’ and the RE Department’s “NativiTree”

Most likely to make St. Julie, our smiling saint, smile:   The LRC’s ‘LRTree’ and the Learning Support Department’s “CommuniTree”.

There was very stiff competition between the above and the Christ-Maths Trigonomo-Tree, the Diversi-Tree,  the IC-Tree and the European Communi-Tree.  

However, the Overall Winner was the “HUMANI-TREE” which provided a whole host of learning opportunities across History and Geography.